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Water-Treatment-IndustiresSWS LLC is a multi-discipline group of highly experienced and innovative water industry professionals who focus on providing the most complete, efficient and effective water reuse, water recycling, and process fluid treatment solutions available today.

In our very first meeting with our clients we establish criteria for success that covers all aspects of the project including: project financing and payback requirements, reducing effluent discharge water quantity, improved effluent water quality targets, establishing potential application points for use of reclaimed water, and a time line needed to build your project.
Whether you are facing a compliance issue like lowering EC, BOD, & TSS, or treating Frac water for water reuse or discharge, or are a paper mill or mine who would like to reuse water, or simply want to use less water and energy per unit of production – contact us today to receive your initial consultation, preliminary design, and +/- 25% budgetary quotation free of charge.