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General description
2302D Boiler Water Treatment is an all-organic steam boiler treatment in concentrated liquid form. It is a uniquely proportioned blend of an acrylic polymer and a phosphonate. Included in the 2302D formulation is an iron sequestrant. This product will sequester residual hardness and iron in the feedwater keeping it in solution for removal through the blowdown. This formulation also includes a traceable florescent dye.

2302D will promote clean internal surfaces by preventing the precipitation of calcium carbonate. This product is designed for use in steam boilers having softened or demineralized makeup and operating up to a pressure of 600 PSIG. 2302D can also handle hardness over-runs in the system. It is best applied to steam boiler systems having a deaerator or deaerating heater and utilizing an oxygen scavenger. Other products, such as a neutralizing amine, oxygen scavenger and hydrate alkalinity builder, should be used along with 2302D to make a complete treatment program. The product contains a dye and its concentration can be monitored with the fluorescent nature of the product.

Organic Boiler Treatment (TK No. 48)—–9 to 13 drops
Flourescent Dye—–60 ppb to 100 ppb


    1. Maintains clean internal surfaces for maximum energy efficiency.
    1. Sequesters hardness and iron in feedwater.
    1. Easy to monitor and control.

Physical data
Color: Greenish Yellow Liquid
Specific Gravity: 1.190
Density (lbs./gal.): 9.92
Product pH: 13.5
Odor: Pungent

Dosage / Use calculations
The typical dosage for 2302D is 300 to 500 ppm of product in the boiler water. If the boiler water is at 10 cycles of concentration based on feedwater, then the feedwater dosage is calculated as follows:

BW dosage/Cycles = FW dosage

500 ppm/10 = 50 ppm FW dosage

2302D requires:

  • 18 ppm to provide 1 ppm polymer
  • 71.4 ppm/ppm hardness as CaCO3 in the feedwater.
  • 89.93 ppm/ppm iron in the feedwater
  • 7.2 ppm to provide 1 ppm OH residual.

A detailed analysis of the feedwater is necessary to determine the actual dosage

2302D can be fed neat from the shipping container or mixed with soft water in any proportion in a day tank. Feed this product in proportion to feedwater or makeup flow using a chemical metering pump.

Handling and precautions
Do not take internally. Do not use in potable water systems. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. If skin and eyes are affected, flush with plenty of water and obtain medical attention.

2302D is available in the following container sizes:
5 gallon pails——-net weight 45 lbs
30 gallon drums——net weight 295 lbs
55 gallon drums——net weight 560 lbs

50 lbs

Use: Internal treatment
Type: Same as 2302 with tracer dye
Feedrate: 300 to 500 ppm in Boiler water
Control Test: 300 to 500 ppb dye in BW

Weight N/A

30 Gallons, 5 Gallons, 55 Gallons