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ACD5050 Cooling Water Treatment is a blend of sulfuric acid and softened water. ACD5050 has been developed inorder to improve the safety of handling for those systems that need to use sulfuric acid to control system pH. The use of this material will allow for increased cycles of concentration, thus leading to reduced water and sewer usages and charges. This pre-reacted material is designed to limit the temperature excursions that will occur with the use of higher concentrations of sulfuric acid. It is designed to provide excellent scale control under extreme conditions. When used in conjunction with an organic sequestrant, it will assist in the prevention of the formation of scale on heat transfer surfaces.

ACD5050 is intended for use in industrial open cooling water systems. It can be with an alkaline treatment program for pH control. This product is particularly recommended for use in systems having very high heat transfer rates and high operating temperatures.

Color & Form————Colorless liquid
Specific Gravity——–1.40
Product—————–pH < 1.00
Density—————–11.67 lbs./gal.
Odor——————–Slight pungent

ACD5050 is best fed by a pH controller designed to feed the treatment in proportion to system demand.
For best results, feed ACD5050 directly from the shipping container.
Your technical representative will recommend the proper feed rate and treatment dosage based on system operating parameters.

This product is irritating to eyes and skin. Do not get in eyes, on skin, or clothing. As with all chemicals, this product should be handled with care.

ACD5050 liquid is available in:
55-gallon drums 630 net wt. lbs.

Weight N/A

55 Gallons