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Vitec® 7000 is a proprietary liquid antiscalant/dispersant designed to inhibit scale and disperse colloidal particles in cellulose acetate and polyamide membrane separation systems. This formulation is an especially effective calcium sulfate (CaSO4) scale inhibitor, allowing up to 7 times saturation. It is compatible with organic coagulants and can be injected neat or diluted in a wide array of feedwater sources.

Vitec 7000 has been approved for use in systems producing drinking water by the UK Drinking Water Inspectorate and by NSF International under NSF/ANSI Standard 60.

Vitec® 7000 antiscalant offers a variety of critical performance and application benefits:

CaCO3 CCPP ≤ 900
(LSI ≤ 2.5)
CaSO4 7.0 x Ksp
BaSO4 300 x Ksp
SrSO4 35 x Ksp
CaF2 1000 x Ksp
SiO2 120 ppm

Highly effective in a wide range of feedwater types and pH ranges.
Crystal modification property distorts inorganic salt crystal growth, reducing system fouling.
Compatible with polyelectrolyte coagulants.
Threshold scale inhibition at low dosage rates allows economical system operation.
Optimum Vitec® 7000 performance is achieved when the chemical is injected downstream of multimedia filters and upstream of cartridge filters.

Dosing Guidelines:
The typical dosage range is between 2 to 5 ppm. A site-specific dose can be determined using the Avista Advisor computer program. Like any injected chemical, over or underdosing may cause unnecessary membrane system fouling. Please contact the Avista customer service department for advice.

This product is formulated to be injected neat. However, if a dilution is required, use demineralized or RO permeate water. If neither of these is available, softened water may be substituted. The dilution for Vitec 7000 should not result in a solution strength of less than 10%. This guideline will protect the effectiveness of the internal bacteriostat which inhibits bacterial growth in the drum and feed tank.

Packaging and Storage:
Standard regional pack sizes are listed below and custom packaging can be provided worldwide. Information on drumless or bulk tanker delivery is available on request.

This product should be protected from freezing during storage as the active ingredients may separate under extreme temperatures. If freezing occurs, warm the chemical until it returns to the liquid state and stir to recombine.

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