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Nereus - The Sustainable Future of Water

Learn the basic function of a heat exchanger, status quo options for cooling water treatment, and the Nereus water treatment and management platform. Sustainable Water Solutions LLC provides safe water treatment and real time data from the cooling system’s process monitoring gauges, delivered via the Nereus cloud. Your facility will reduce water use, improve water reuse, and decrease sewer discharge… guaranteed.

Sustainable Water Wonderland

Watch various methods to increase sustainability and reduce operations costs.

The Boiler Blues

Boiler operators lose money continuously due to excessive gas, water, sewer, and chemical costs associated with treating their boiler water to prevent scaling. Our intelligent, RO-Based boiler water optimization system reduces all four of these expenses immediately, by removing over 99% of the impurities from your boiler’s feed water.

Corporate Inge

Learn the truth about the availability of fresh water and the extraordinary science behind this precious resource.

Water Treatment

Company Capabilities – Cutting edge water treatment results using proven off the shelf technologies backed by a process guarantee.

Safe Synthetic Acid Replacement

Synthetic Acid, GRAS approved HCL & H2SO4 substitute. Use of this acid is far safer for operations staff and will allow cooling condenser or cooling tower cycles be optimized and no longer be limited by LSI ( calcium carbonate ) issues.

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