Cooling Water Chemistry – Open Loop Scale Prevention – Silica and Magnesium Silicate Scale and corrosion prevention are at the heart of all cooling programs.
Sustainable Water Solutions believes in open communication and full data transparency. SWS LLC uses the following base building blocks in many of our open cooling formulations. The specific formulation is dependent on your unique application. For Silica scale control SWS LLC uses base building blocks in formulations

Acumer 5000 is a proprietary multifunctional polymer with a molecular weight of 5000 that provides outstanding silica and magnesium silicate scale inhibition.

ACUMER 5000 prevents silica-based scale formation by dispersing colloidal silica and by preventing magnesium silicate scale formation at heat transfer surfaces.

ACUMER 5000 has been evaluated under field conditions, allowing up to 300 ppm silica in the recirculating water without scale.

Control of silica-based scale is a complex problem due to the many forms of silica species that exist:
Molybdate-reactive silica: frequently referred to as dissolved silica.

Colloidal silica: polymerized silica particles of 0.1 microns or less.
Silica scale: primarily magnesium silicate, but may also be iron or calcium silicate.

Colloidal silica can dissolve to form silicate in a high temperature / high pH environment or near a corroding cathodic surface where dissolved oxygen is reduced to hydroxide ions.

Normally, if silica levels exceed about 180 ppm SiO2 in the recirculation water of a cooling circuit, severe scaling can occur on heat transfer surfaces. Moreover, the scale that forms is frequently difficult or impossible to remove by conventional means.

Process Design Review. Before any recommendation is made for product a full process design review is conducted to assure the current operation is optimal.

Optimization of Current Process. Current process chemistry, recovery, rejection, pressure, and cleaning practices are reviewed.

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