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Who We Are

Sustainable Water Solutions® (SWS) was founded by a team of industry professionals, deeply experienced in designing on-site water treatment solutions to save customers’ money. After years of working with Industrial and Municipal clients domestically and abroad, we understand the financial, operational and regulatory burdens associated with water and wastewater treatment and disposal. 

What We Do:

Sustainable Water Solutions LLC provides a wide variety of integrated water treatment solutions that efficiently treat raw water, process waters and waste waters. We reduce operating cost by reusing product streams, pre-treating water for boiler /pre-treating water for cooling systems, recycling water, and recycling liquid waste streams. Our water focused solutions help you reduce costs across the board, from reducing electrical costs and reducing gas costs to reducing water cost, reducing chemical costs, and reducing sewer costs.

Our Goal:

Using water to increase sustainability to reduce operating cost and ensure compliance.

Industries We Serve:

ManufacturingFood ProcessingOther
AircraftMeat PackingMining
AutomotiveDairy & CheeseOil & Gas
DefenseEgg ProductionRefineries
Metal ProcessingFruit, Vegetable, JuicePower Generation
PapermakingCanning, Picking, FrozenMunicipal Water
 Brewing, Distilling, Bottling 

SWS Competitive Advantage:

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” This is a maxim at SWS. We use data based analysis from on-site testing and piloting to design, build, and operate systems which REDUCE COSTS and IMPROVE COMPLIANCE. SWS avoids technology risk by using commercially proven equipment from credible suppliers and a rigorous value engineering to deploy systems which help optimize your existing plant environment. In addition to addressing your water and related energy costs, SWS’ water treatment, information management, and automated control systems can improve the performance of your existing investments in boilers, cooling towers and other systems touched by your water and wastewater flows. Our data-driven, analytic and fact-based partnership approach helps you:

Protect current equipment installations:

  • Extend equipment life;
  • Increase capacity from your current equipment and systems;
  • Avoid capital expenditures where they are not essential;
  • Increase management information and control; and
  • Reduce water, energy and chemical consumption in boiler and cooling operations.

Improve compliance and increase facility sustainability scores:

  • Treat upstream wastes before they merge in a treatment pond;
  • Reuse process flows, brine solutions, wash water, solvents, chemical concentrates and water conditioning additives;
  • Replace hazardous strong acids and caustics with EPA’s Designed for Environment (DFE) products rated Triple-0, same as water, guaranteeing same or better performance;
  • Reduce shipping costs, increase plant safety, and improve labor conditions while reducing reporting requirements.