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Sustainable Water Solutions: Pioneering Savings in Water Management

Sustainable Water Solutions® (SWS) was established by a team of seasoned industry professionals with extensive expertise in designing on-site water treatment solutions aimed at saving customers’ money. With years of experience serving both Industrial and Municipal clients globally, we possess a deep understanding of the financial, operational, and regulatory challenges associated with water and wastewater treatment and disposal.

What We Do

Efficient Solutions for Water Excellence

Sustainable Water Solutions LLC offers a diverse range of integrated water treatment solutions designed to efficiently treat raw water, process waters, and waste waters. Our approach focuses on reducing operating costs through strategies such as reusing product streams, pre-treating water for boilers and cooling systems, and recycling both water and liquid waste streams. Our comprehensive water-focused solutions are crafted to minimize electrical, gas, water, chemical, and sewer costs.

Our Goal

Driving Sustainability,
Reducing Costs

Our overarching goal is to leverage water as a resource to increase sustainability, thereby reducing operating costs and ensuring compliance. Through innovative water treatment solutions, we strive to contribute to a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to water management for our clients.

Sustainability Increase

Reduce Operating Costs


Our Clientele

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Food Processing


Data-Driven Optimization

Competitive Advantage

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” This is a maxim at SWS. We use data based analysis from on-site testing and piloting to design, build, and operate systems which REDUCE COSTS and IMPROVE COMPLIANCE. SWS avoids technology risk by using commercially proven equipment from credible suppliers and a rigorous value engineering to deploy systems which help optimize your existing plant environment. In addition to addressing your water and related energy costs, SWS’ water treatment, information management, and automated control systems can improve the performance of your existing investments in boilers, cooling towers and other systems touched by your water and wastewater flows.

Our data-driven, analytic and fact-based partnership approach helps you

Protect current equipment installations:

Improve compliance and increase facility sustainability scores:

SWS LLC is a multi-discipline group of highly experienced and innovative water industry professionals who focus on providing the most complete, efficient and effective water reuse, water recycling, and process fluid treatment solutions available today.

In our very first meeting with our clients we establish criteria for success that covers all aspects of the project including: project financing and payback requirements, reducing effluent discharge water quantity, improved effluent water quality targets, establishing potential application points for use of reclaimed water, and a time line needed to build your project.
Whether you are facing a compliance issue like lowering EC, BOD, & TSS, or treating Frac water for water reuse or discharge, or are a paper mill or mine who would like to reuse water, or simply want to use less water and energy per unit of production – contact us today to receive your initial consultation, preliminary design, and +/- 25% budgetary quotation free of charge.

Data-Driven Optimization

Our approach is data-centric, utilizing on-site testing and piloting to design, build, and operate systems that not only reduce costs but also improve overall efficiency and compliance.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

SWS LLC provides nonscale guarantees and offers a commitment to a corrosion-free environment. Our services include free water analysis, ensuring tailored solutions for each client's unique needs.

Sustainability and Compliance Focused

Our chemical products contribute to increased facility sustainability scores, compliance with environmental regulations, and substantial reductions in water, energy, and chemical consumption.

Cutting-Edge Water Treatment Solutions

SWS LLC offers state-of-the-art water treatment chemicals, employing the latest advancements in technology to ensure effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

Let's make waves in water efficiency together!

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