Would you like to reuse or recycle up to 95% of the water that currently leaves your facility?
The Sustainable Water Reuse Program ( S-WARP™) is a patent pending process that, in a series of simple steps, eliminates or alters essentially all troublesome impurities in water such that almost any wastewater can be reused and recycled most efficiently.

The initial steps in the S-WARP™ process are physical chemical reactions in which all suspended solids are removed from the wastewater. In addition viable microorganisms are removed and scale forming impurities are greatly reduced by the simple precipitation processes to a point where wastewater water recovery potential is maximized to over 90% as scale forming species and fouling issues are eliminated.

The Sustainable Water Solutions Water Reuse Program has shown to be an effective treatment capable of producing extremely high quality effluent and recovery rates of well over 90% when working with difficult to treat produced water and Frac water in the oil and gas drilling industry. Recovery rates exceeding 90% are not uncommon.

Reuse of wastewater allows the plant to decrease water use, decrease fuel use, and decrease plant emissions, while enjoying High Reverse Osmosis recovery rates of over 95% when working with effluent wastewaters found in the semiconductor industry, food processing industry, wine, cheese industry, meat processing industry, and many many more.

Solids that result from the S-WARP™ process are salable by products in most cases.The final steps in the S-WARP™ process consist of Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis processes that produces high quality effluent from wastewater that often meets primary and secondary drinking water standards.You may be thinking about brine or solids disposal issues. Dont be. Contact Sustainable Water Solutions now to discuss how we solve the entire problem not just some of it.