Award Ceremony for Water Reduction

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Award Ceremony for Water Reduction 

State’s Number One Issue

For Immediate Release:

by Sustainable Water Solutions LLC

Contact: Grant Newhouse

(925) 470-0491

A prominent data center in Dublin recently implemented a water savings program for their cooling operations. The result of the new program was a documented water savings of 40% (3,000,000 gallons/Yr.) with cost savings of over $50K.

The program implemented not only meets, but far exceeds Gov. Browns’ Executive Order calling for mandatory 25% water use reduction.

Awards will be granted to:

  • Greg Bush Poseidon Award – Visionary Leadership
  • Grant Cagle Nereus Award – Operational Leadership
  • Paul Deanda Nereus Award – Installation support
  • Tim  Willits Nereus Award – Operational support

The program implemented consists of:

  • a synthetic chemistry that eliminates the possibility of carbonate based scaling
  • extensive gauging
  • state of the art monitoring, analytics, control and reporting via a cloud-based platform allowing system access from any iPod, iPad, iPhone or similar device

When: April 27, 2015, 11:30 am-12:00pm

Where: Sybase, 1 Sybase Drive Building A, Dublin, CA 94568.  LOBBY

For further information on Sustainable Water Solutions: