Packaged MBR Systems
2014-08-25 09.34.23 pm
Multiple Plug and Play Sizes
Fully automation / contained / insulated
6 Yr No Fiber Break Gurantee –Best in the business
Single Headder
End Free Membrane
Lowest cost gurantee

Closed Top
2014-08-25 10.40.03 pm
2014-08-25 10.42.34 pm
EZ Screenings Access
2014-08-25 10.45.04 pm
Influent Screening
2014-08-25 10.47.12 pm
2014-08-25 10.53.17 pm
Fully Automated Controls
2014-08-25 10.53.30 pm
Interior Membrane Servicing
2014-08-25 10.53.40 pm
Enclosed MLSS Tank
2014-08-25 10.53.49 pm
Top Quality Construction

Controls and Communications
All aspecs of the system are monitored and controlled. All data is recorded every 5 seconds. Out of spec readings trigger yellow and red state alarms which are sent directly to to those who need to know. Data and calculations are are available for review by users 24/7 via cell phone, I pad, or PC using Nereus wireless capability.

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