2014-08-25 09.21.54 pmIndustry: Food Processing / Ammonia Cooling
Application: Cooling Water Pilot
Result: Savings of Millions of Gallons $1000’s every year

Key Words

Ammonia Condenser, Evaporation Rate, Evaporation Rate Dry Bulb,
Relative Humidity, Wet Bulb, Temperature Approach, Temperature, ORP,
Nereus Bleed Rate, Recirculation pH,
Tower Water Condenser, Conductivity Heat Flux,
Make Up Water Data based decisions Heat Exchanger


Most ammonia cooling systems can benefit from a fresh data based approach to operations. A data based decision allows plants to evaluate technologies and operating decisions with full view of the facts allowing systems to become optimized thus taking cost out.


Sustainable Water Solutions LLC samples and tests all appropriate waters to uncover all opportunities for savings. Generally savings come via reductions in Electricity, Water, Sewer, & Chemical. Once savings potential is identified the Nereus Pilot System is deployed in order to document / prove savings potential with real operating data from your system.

Opportunities We Identify

Excessive, Heat Flux, Scale Ammonia, Compressor PSI, Raw Water Use,
Chemical Use, Corrosion Ammonia , Compressor HP Discharge / Bleed
Manpower, LSI, Silica, Alkalinity
Insufficient Hydraulic Resonance,  Time Recirculation Rate, Hydraulic Distribution


Flow meters are added to make up, bleed and recirculation lines of comperable condenser towers thus allowing the measurement of water use and savings side by side.

Temperature is measured in tower water, ammonia refridgerant entering and exiting the condenser, and ambient dry bulb. In addition relative humidity data is gathered.

Conductivity, ORP, and pH are measured on line.

Highly specialized chemical feed pumps are used that proactivly measure amount of chemical added to the system using discharge pressure sensing technology.


Alkalinity and Langlier Saturation Index is controlled using Condensafe II a 100% safe synthetic alternative to sulfuric acid. Scaling and biology are controlled using water treatment formlations specifically designed to be effective in the Nereus system. The small amount of chemical that is needed,is loaded into double walled tanks where inventory is measured using ultarsolic level detection technology.

Calculations Done by The System

Evaporation Rate, Approach temperature,  Wet Bulb temperature,
Chemical dose in ppm, Days inventory on hand, Heat Flux across Heat exchanger

Controls and Communications

All aspects of the system are monitored and controlled. All data is recorded every 5 seconds. Out of spec readings trigger yellow and red state alarms which are sent directly to to those who need to know. Data and calculations are are available for review by users 24/7 via cell phone, I pad, or PC using Nereus wireless capability.

The Piloting Process

Item Time to complete Cost to Client Source
Establishment of payback required 0 $0 Client Policy
Sampling ½ hr $0 SWS
Testing 1week $0 SWS
Agreement on cost of imputs 1 day $0 Client Records
Water, Sewer, Current chemical spend Electricity Manpower
+/- 25% Budgetary for full system issued 10 days $0 SWS
Pilot 30 days Consumables SWS

Post pilot

A pilot report is produced identifying all savings potentials identified and doccumented. Savings potentials are quantified and should a full scale system be implemented, savings are guranteed to be delivered in writing.
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