High TDS UF & RO Pilot
Industry: All
Application: UF & RO +Brine Minimization Pilot

This Pilot Includes
Feed Tank
Feed Tank Temperature Control
Spiral UF
Brackish Water RO
Brine Concentrate RO

The objective in deploying this asset is to allow the user to determine the minimum amount of brine possible with using membrane technology in combination with physical chemical additives.



Full instrumentation and satellite communications are included on this pilot.

Controls and Communications

All aspects of the system are monitored and controlled. All data is recorded every 5 seconds. Out of spec readings trigger yellow and red state alarms which are sent directly to to those who need to know. Data and calculations are are available for review by users 24/7 via cell phone, I pad, or PC using Nereus wireless capability.

The Piloting Process

ItemTime to completeCost to ClientSource
Establishment of payback required0$0Client Policy
Sampling1/2 Hour$0SWS
Testing1 week$0SWS
Agreement oon Cost of Inputs1 day$0Client Records
Water, Sewer, Current chemical spend, Electricity, Manpower +/- 25% Budgetary for full system issued10 days$0SWS
Pilot30 daysConsumablesSWS

Post pilot

A pilot report is produced identifying all savings potentials identified and documented. Savings potentials are quantified and should a full scale system be implemented, savings are guaranteed to be delivered in writing.