Pesticide Removal

Pesticide Removal

Pesticides can be found in ground water or surface water.


The most common pesticides found in water are Atrazine, DDT, lindane, Carbofuran, etc…

In natural waters, pesticides are present at ppb (microgram/L) level. Most of them are hydrophobic and easily removed by adsorption on activated carbon filters.

In case of large amounts or large plant capacities, nanofiltration can be applied effectivly.

Sustainable Water Solutions LLC can provide tailor made skid mounted or turnkey pesticide removal systems.


Pesticides in drinking water guidelines:

Substance Formula Health based guideline by the WHO
Alachlor C14 H20 Cl N O2 20 μg/l
Aldicarb CH14 NOS 10 μg/l
Aldrin and dieldrin C12 HCl6/

C12 HClO

0.03 μg/l
Atrazine CH14 Cl N5 2 μg/l
Bentazone C10 H12 NOS 30 μg/l
Carbofuran C12 H15 N O3 5 μg/l
Chlordane C10 HCl8 0.2 μg/l
Chlorotoluron C10 H13 Cl NO 30 μg/l
DDT C14 HCl5 2 μg/l
1,2-Dibromo-3-chloropropane CHBrCl 1 μg/l
2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) C8 H6 Cl2 O3 30 μg/l
1,2-Dichloropropane C3 H6 Cl2 No guideline
1,3-Dichloropropane C3 H6 Cl2 20 μg/l
1,3-Dichloropropene CH3 CHClCH2 Cl No guideline
Ethylene dibromide (EDB) Br CHCH2 Br No guideline
Heptachlor and heptachlor epoxide C10 HCl7 0.03 μg/l
Hexachlorobenzene (HCB) C10 H5 Cl7 O 1 μg/l
Isoproturon C12 H18 N2 O 9 μg/l
Lindane C6 H6 Cl6 2 μg/l
MCPA CHCl O3 2 μg/l
Methoxychlor (C6H4OCH3)2CHCCl3 20 μg/l
Metolachlor C15 H22 Cl N O2 10 μg/l
Molinate CH17 N O S 6 μg/l
Pendimethalin C13 H19 O4 N3 20 μg/l
Pentachlorophenol (PCP) C6 H Cl5 O 9 μg/l
Permethrin C21 H20 Cl2 O3 20 μg/l
Propanil C9 H9 Cl2 N O 20 μg/l
Pyridate C19H23ClN2O2S 100 μg/l
Simazine C7 H12 Cl N5 2 μg/l
Trifluralin C13 H16 F3 N3 O4 20 μg/l
Chlorophenoxy herbicides (excluding 2,4-D and MCPA) 2,4-DB C10 H10 ClO3 90 μg/l
Dichlorprop C9 H8 Cl2 03 100 μg/l
Fenoprop C9H7Cl3O3 9 μg/l
MCPB C11 H13 Cl O3 No guideline
Mecoprop C10H11ClO3 10 μg/l
2,4,5-T C8 H5 Cl3 O3 9 μg/l