From The Desk Of Grant Newhouse

Our mission at Sustainable Water Solutions LLC is to provide the food processing, handling and packing industries safer solutions that replace the harsh and dangerous acids and Caustics used in today’s world.

 Our Product line includes
Condensafe 1 and 1+ — Direct Replacement for HCL for use in Cooling applications + contains surfactant
Condensafe 2 and 2+ — Direct Replacement for H2SO4 for use in Cooling applications + contains surfactant
Safety A1 ————- Direct Replacement for HCL
Safety A2 ————- Direct Replacement for H2SO4
Safety CR ————- Direct Replacement for NaOH or Lye
A1 Marine Rust remover- Direct Replacement for Acidic Rust Removers
Sani Clean AL———- Low foaming acidic cleaner and sanitizer
Sani Clean AH———- Low foaming acidic cleaner and sanitizer

 Product formulations are all:

  1. Are GRAS – Generally Recognized as Safe
  2. Carry a triple zero Hazardous Materials Information System score
  3. Carry an A rating with regards to PPE’s
  4. Are 100% biodegradable in 30 days or less per EPA, Design for the Environment, OECD and Hach Reactor method guidelines
  5. Meet or exceed stringent Direct Release Guidelines for 10 day bio-degradation
  6. Are non-regulated by the
    1. US  D.O.T.
    3. IMO
    4. IATA
  7. Classified as non-voc
  8. Classified as non-corrosive
  9. Classifies as non-mutagenic
  10. Classified as non-toxic
  11. Show no potential for the generation of carbon dioxide under NIOSH 7903, OSHA & ACGIH testing protocols.
  12. Meet or exceed EPA and DEP restrictions regulating NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems).

Should you have any questions please feel free to call me directly at 925-470-0491 – Grant Newhouse