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Reverse Osmosis is the process of separating unwanted ions from a water source using pressure and a membrane.

Sustainable Water Solutions LLC is proud to offer a wide range of Reverse Osmosis solutions ranging in size from 6 to over 6000 GPM feed water processing capability in size.

2014-09-07 07.09.25 pmRO saves money for boiler water pretreatment. Using RO to replace standard softening systems for boiler pretreatment always makes sense. RO pretreatment, saves money, chemical and water.

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RO improved process water quality and consistency. Using RO to replace standard water filtration / softening systems for process applications improves quality. RO systems improve product quality.

Process guarantee. Due to Sustainable Water Solutions LLC data based decision making process, each brine minimization project includes a process guarantee covering every step in the process with every installation. The process will deliver the water quality it is designed to deliver – period.

Project delivery is less expensive and easy. Projects can be delivered as packaged units, site built systems, or combinations of both. Installation costs are the low.

Project financing is flexible. Clients can choose from traditional purchasing methods, long term water by the gallon arrangements were no capital is required and an option to buy out the system at a future point is included. Capital constraints are easy to overcome.

Contact SWS LLC today to discuss how a Brackish water RO project might be a good addition to your water needs.

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