Sustainable Water Solutions LLC has done it again!

Sustainable Water Solutions LLC announces it has demonstrated another successful water reuse pilot program, this time with a prominent commercial paper mill.  This program is a new membrane application allowing the reclamation and reuse of water previously discharged.  The volume of water to be recycled is currently projected to be in an excess of 2 million gallons a year. 

Focusing both on large scale water savings and improving the quality of recycled water, Sustainable Water Solutions LLC’s projects consistently exceed the Governor’s mandated water conservation standards.  In this project the program will allow the reuse of 80% of the water currently being sent to sewer.  In addition to the quality of water being reclaimed, the quantity of recycled water produced by this process, it is also superior to the water supplied by the city when primary and secondary standards are considered.

Sustainable Water Solutions LLC is repeatedly producing significant savings in both water, energy, water quality and expenses for data centers, food production facilities and large scale industry.  Higher quality water, reduced water and energy usage and substantial cost savings make these projects a top priority for conscientious corporations.