Sustainable Water Solutions LLC Announces Nereus for Cooling.

In response to the severe drought conditions in the southwest, SWS LLC announces the release of the Nereus Cooling Platform.

Nereus is a full suite of state of the art monitoring and traditional chemical treatments that, when deployed, save cooling tower operations millions of gallons and thousands of dollars per year while reducing manpower and increasing worker safety.

Recently SAP (the world’s leading provider of enterprise software and services ) deployed the Nereus system when they decided to replaced an existing Dolphin system.

Water savings on this 300 tn cooling system will exceed 3 MGD. The savings are accomplished by deploying optimal water treatment chemistry & complete automated system review every 5 seconds. Stake holders are notified when any aspect of the system is out of control parameters via a standalone cellular system that communicates via Email, I phone, I Pad, PC, Mac or any other internet capable device.

An initial system evaluation was conducted, a proposal for future improved condition offered with water and cost savings guaranteed in writing.

Contact Sustainable Water Solutions LLC Grant Newhouse for details ( 925-470-0491 )